Aesthetics - the 7th sense

Understand how Human Mind responds to Color, Shape, Images, Types, and how to manipulate the thoughts of receiver for conveying the message with your art piece.

After attending this session, you would be able to produce attention grabbing visual pieces that create greater understanding to the viewer, making your message get across easily and aesthetically pleasant way.

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Who Should Attend?

This training can be a key game changer in the careers of;

  • Presenters
  • Marketers
  • Brand & Account Managers
  • Sales Managers & Executives
  • Creative Directors & Creative Managers
  • Art Directors, Visualizers, Designers, Animators
  • and anyone who wishes to understand approach to design and visual arts


30 Minutes
Introduction to Aesthetics

Get to know what is aesthetics and how come you never heard about it before.
  • Understand Aesthetics by definition.
  • Acquire understanding of how mind perceives information

60 Minutes
Knowing your piece

A piece stands for any form of communication (visual/audible) that is used to send the message across. Understand the target audience and how they perceive the communicated message.
  • Understanding of target audience on the basis of; Age Group, Educational Level, Economic Class, Ethnicity & Culture and Gender.
  • How does the treatment needs to change with respect to subject?
  • How time affects the mood and how it alters reality?
  • How should the communication change on the basis of it's medium?
  • What is the need for communication in the first place?

30 Minutes
Setting the mood of your piece.

Mood is a relatively long lasting emotional state. Moods differ from emotions in that they are less specific, less intense, and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event.
  • Learn the difference between mood and emotions, and how information processing is affected.
  • Learn about the factors that can help change mood.
  • Understand the general moods of target audience and how would they perceive information in those moods.

30 Minutes
Communication through Color

You may already know that every color has its own meaning, this information should be treated as knowledge when you communicate with your target audience and share your message subliminally.
  • Understand how different colors are perceived by different target audience and how do they bring a change to their mood.
  • What is the relation between color and subject?
  • What are primary, secondary and tertiary colors, warm & cool colors, color schemes: contrasting, complementary, analogues, and what do they taste?

40 Minutes
Communication through Type face

Learn the difference between typeface & font. Gain knowledge about different sorts of typefaces, what they mean and where to use them.
  • What is a Typeface?
  • How can you tell someone's personality from their handwriting?
  • Learn about the evolution of Typeface from Calligraphy to Typography.
  • Understand how to select typefaces on the basis of target audience traits; Age group, Education and Economic Class.

30 Minutes
Communication through Shapes

Understanding what are shapes and their different types, what they mean and how they communicate the subliminal message to our mind.
  • Recap basic shapes and understand what do they stand for in this information age.
  • Understand how and where to use shapes.
  • Learn how shapes are perceived by the target audience with respect to their Age group, Education, Economic Class and Gender.
  • What is the relation between shapes and subject?

30 Minutes
Communication through Images

Images are essential part of communication. It's said, that thousand words is an image!
  • What exactly is an image?
  • How are images different than graphics?
  • Understand when to use graphics and when to use images?
  • Differentiate between types of images.
  • Learn what qualifies as good image?

30 Minutes
Composing a Composition

Understanding composition, how to place objects in a composition to deliver the right message, in order to subliminally get someone to act on the call to action.
  • What are the elements of composition?
  • How to balance a composition?
  • Understand the rule of thirds.
  • Learn how to create flow of eye at a composition.
  • How to go from concept to visualization?
  • Why is synergy important?

About the Trainer

Having been working for 17 years in the communication design and visual arts industry, Aijaz has designed several national and international brands and has worked with; Philip Morris International, HBO, Nick, Standard Chartered, Ministry of Labor (KSA), Ministry of Industries (Pakistan), ARY, ISPR (Pakistan), Pakistan Rangers Sindh and PIA, Indus Hospital, Amreli Steels. He has also worked with off shore teams and vendors from Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Dubai, USA, UK.

Being an artist by heart and Engineer by education, Aijaz always kept looking into the science behind art. Hence, he designed an insight session on Aesthetics – the 7th sense, where he edifies people on how mind perceives to communication in the forms of color, type faces, shapes, images and music.

CAUTION: Acquiring above mentioned knowledge would seriously alter the reality of how you see things.

All you need - is to do what you do best!

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